FNTECH excited to partner with Infinity Festival in Hollywood this fall!

According to David Galvan, Vice President Digital Partnerships at Mastercard,

“Innovation is at the heart of our company, that is why we are excited to celebrate andsparkconversations on the advancement of technology with leading innovators andstorytellers in partnership with Infinity Festival.

”We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Innovation and the dynamic melding of tech and storytelling is part of FNTECH’sDNA. As such, we’rethrilled tojoin forces with the best of the best for thissecondannual event. Held at the iconic Goya Studios in Hollywood, CA, thisjam-packedthree-day event will feature the most exciting announcements and revelationsoutof Hollywood and Silicon Valleyyou’ll hear to date, making it truly “The Evolution ofImagination™.

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Want more details on the event itself? Visit the Infinity Festival website!