So that you can experience a full event in FNvirtual, we’ve created the YOCO Summit.
YOCO is a faux brand we’ve developed to help showcase all the features of our FNvirtual event platform.

(YOCO is short for “Your Company” and it has its own theme, event identity, and design guidelines.)

We hope seeing this “brand” in action will help illustrate how our platform can work for YOUR company!

FNvirtual Features:

  • Created by experienced event professionals
  • Use alone or hybrid (in conjunction with in-person events)
  • Custom-designed software supports entire platform
  • Easy set up and quick turnaround time

  • Interactive threaded chats and real time notifications
  • Live content and/or video on demand
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible layouts
  • Available 24/7; leave your show online as long as you’d like

For more info, contact us today!