Event name: OCP Global Summit 2023

Event Dates: October 17-19, 2023


The OCP Global Summit continues to grow, and this year, the numbers speak for themselves, with almost 4,500 attendees, over 100 sponsors, 17 dynamic content tracks, 346 individual breakout sessions (many of which were standing-room only), and an impressive 542 speakers.

Add in the exciting Future Technologies Symposium, SONIC Workshop, CXL Forum, DENT Mini Summit, AI-Edge Hackathon, and three fun after-hours parties, and this powerhouse event is truly spectacular. The fact that FNTECH has partnered with OCP on their highest-level events for close to 12 years and witnessed their galactic growth firsthand makes it no less impressive to us.

To help the large group of attendees quickly check in onsite, our registration manager trained 30 happy staffers to use our custom-built registration system with precision and a positive attitude. In fact, the average time it took for a guest to obtain their credentials and swag at the counter was an impressive 90 seconds.

On the catering front, guests enjoyed 375 menu options, ate 38,714 meals over the three days, had 240,060 oz of fresh filtered water at our eco-friendly hydration stations, and regularly recharged with 1,378 gallons of hot coffee.

The creative team at FNTECH had their hands full this year as well. Creating the event theme started with the Global Summit tagline, “Scaling Innovation Through Collaboration.” This helped us imagine our innovative “tech tree” design, which has been our most community-celebrated visual to date. We thoughtfully pulled this look and feel into every aspect of the event, with 165 print files, 110 digital graphics, a massive outdoor banner that spanned the 16 glass doors at the main entrance, unique designs for all kinds of covetable swag, and the Global Summit website design. Additionally, we produced 807 linear feet of silicone-edged fabric backdrops for the upper-tier sponsor booths, photo backdrops, and general event branding. Since OCP recently added “sustainability” as their fifth tenant, using earth-friendly materials like Falconboard and recyclable fabric prints was a key goal.

Online, the event was no less robust. As we’ve done in previous years, FNTECH designed and managed the registration process, pre-event landing page, and complete event website. 9,229 unique visitors from many different countries browsed the site, viewing its pages almost 92,600 times in just the last 30 days before the event commenced. 749 sessions were also submitted through FNTECH’s speaker portal, which allows potential speakers to put forth their white papers with the hopes of presenting live at the event. On the portal, the OCP project teams quickly reviewed the submissions, commented to their fellow board members in real time, and approved/rejected talks based on pre-established criteria.

Reliable power distribution was imperative throughout the event; the electrical team distributed electricity in many different voltages based on the country of origin and tech needs—480v, 415v, 208v, 120v—using 513 surge protectors to keep the gear and the facility safe at all times.

In the Expo Hall, guests participated in hands-on demos in the expanded Experience Center, heard lightning talks from the Expo Hall Stage, grabbed snacks and hot coffee throughout the day, and, of course, encountered the best open-source technology in the industry.

As with every OCP Summit, there were quite a few exciting announcements, including the OCP S.A.F.E. program, the MX Alliance (whose goal is creating and standardizing next-generation 6- and 4-bit data types for AI training and inferencing), the OCP collaboration with UEC, and more!

At the end of the day, what else can we say, except the 2023 OCP Global Summit was a massive success on all fronts…and we’re excited to be part of this successful equation for many years to come!