OCP Virtual Summit | ONLINE
May 12-15, 2020

Talk about making lemonade out of lemons.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the Open Compute Foundation had no choice but to cancel their large in-person Global Summit just days before the event was due to commence. Over the next week, we met with their leadership team and discussed multiple options for moving forward. Ultimately, we landed on transforming their ENTIRE show into a virtual event, including keynotes, breakout sessions, Expo Hall, Future Tech Symposium, networking lounge, media hub, Experience Center, foundation Basecamp, and more … in less than 60 days. (Cue anxious music!)

To make this happen, we quickly established new department leads, then began laying out meticulous plans, gathering resources, and designing a compelling and immersive visual experience.

Since all of the sponsors, speakers and attendees were expecting to visit the San Jose Convention Center for the in-person event, the Creative Department decided to utilize a 3D illustrated approach to the visualization of the “spaces.” This immediately provided a welcome and familiar environment. The log in page showed the dimensional exterior of the building and the virtual lobby was a replica of the physical lobby, with some artistic leeway for clickable functionality.

With four days of keynote sessions, more than 250 individual breakout sessions, and more than 350 presenters, the FNstudios team was busy up till the last minute. From capturing the recorded videos, audio and presentations from multiple sources … to adding lower thirds, encoding and streaming the components live … to storing the completed sessions for video on demand later, this was a massive undertaking.

On the Expo front, OCP retained 65 of their valuable sponsors by providing customizable virtual “booths” featuring media-rich videos, 1:1 and group chats, lead retrieval, tickertape messaging, promo documents, and web links. Sponsors were also given the opportunity to submit ads which were used in various spaces throughout the system, providing additional viewer impressions.

The end result was a virtual event that had a larger reach and impact than ever before!

  •  Almost 11,000 registrants – almost 300% more than in previous years, including more than 300 media/analysts and 110 countries represented
  • 110,592 hours were spent in the event; 14.6 hours on average, 4.5 hours per login, with an average attendance of 7.7 sessions
  • 17,000 visits to sponsor booths, an average of 6.4 sponsor spaces per attendee
  • 29,750 hours spent in sponsor spaces by attendees, averaging 1.2 hours
  • Over 24,000 document views, average 8.4 per attendee; and 1,628 downloads, an average of 6.5 per attendee

Last, for anyone who may have missed the live Virtual Summit, they can still benefit from the experience. All of the content is now available on-demand, and anyone can visit all the sponsors in the Expo Hall, as well as connect with peers in a variety of ways. Content from the exhibitors will also be updated throughout the year. Want to see what OCP did for yourself? Simply register here.