Event name: Roblox Developer Conference

Dates: September 9-10, 2022


The annual Roblox Developer Conference (RDC) is a special invite-only event for the best artists, game developers, designers, storytellers, and coders from the Roblox community.

Held at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, this year’s event was a great time for Roblox to share the key technological innovations they’ve been building. As they accelerate their vision to reimagine how people come together, they are constantly looking to open up new creative, social, and entrepreneurial possibilities for their global community—evolving their technology while always keeping the foundational commitments to the safety and safety privacy of their users.

As the Roblox community continues to grow tremendously—currently around 58.5 million daily active users in more than 180 countries!!—one priority is enabling deeper, more meaningful, more natural, and more engaging forms of communication and connection.

These goals were on full display at RDC. From the fully interactive keynote hall, created from the ground up in an empty warehouse, to the demo rooms, to the networking parties and subsequent Investor Day, creating moments of connection was always at the top of the list.

During the week, Roblox also rolled out a new company logo and tagline: “The world is ours for the making.”

We at FNTECH are excited and honored to be entrusted to help Roblox continue its mission to bring billions of people together to connect, create, and express themselves in the most creative ways.