Facebook Developer Conference F8 | San Jose, CA
April 30 & May 2, 2019

F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference, spotlights the global community, the latest technology from their family of apps, and the future we are building together.

In perhaps Facebook’s most robust LED showing to date, the event had several massive, but separate LED installations, the largest of which hovered behind the sprawling keynote stage. With 1044 ROE Diamond 2.6 small pixel pitch tiles, more than 38 million pixels, and over 14,000 lbs. of equipment, the 150-foot-wide curved stretch of screens was more than impressive. In fact, it’s arguable that this build was only matched by the weighty content. During the two days of sessions, Facebook announced updates to Instagram, Facebook Messenger, the core Facebook app, WhatsApp, and the future of AI. We also received more news about the Oculus Quest and Rift S virtual reality headsets, with live demos to illustrate the technology.

In the expansive 90,000+ sq. ft. Festival Hall, intricate demonstrations of all types of proprietary Facebook tech were on full display. From games to networking apps to instructional classroom sessions, the two-hall space was full of digital eye candy. The crown jewel of the room was the “future chandelier” – an extraordinary interactive exhibit composed of five double-sided LED panels, each 6’-6” wide by 18’ tall, with exclusive camera tracking, organic pixel chorography that moved with attendees’ physical gestures, and custom 10.1 audio surround sound. It was truly an immersive experience.

On the networking front, FNTECH supported 2.5Gbps of bandwidth across the entire campus and transferred a formidable 13 terabytes of data during the event.

In the bustling breakout sessions, attendees were able to follow the content on large HD projection screens flanked by custom branding. Each session’s video feed was captured, edited, and reposted online within hours … no small feat considering the amount of content generated at F8.

On the culinary side, our experienced catering experts fed thousands of attendees via hot food buffets, fresh mini kitchens, specialty coffee bars, and more. To keep guests happily hydrated, coolers of unique beverages and filtered water were strategically placed around every corner. Afternoon snacks kept energy levels up, and the evening parties boasted an array of unique nibbles and hand-crafted cocktails.

And speaking of evenings, two carefully crafted parties helped attendees enjoy great music, play like teenagers, and network with peers.

Each year, we challenge ourselves to bring new levels of “wow factor” to F8. Truth be told, we’re already ramping up for F8 2020, and indeed, we can’t wait to showcase the coolness we have in store!