Oculus Connect | San Jose, CA
September 25-26, 2019

This fall, Oculus Connect 6 brought together the industry’s leading developers, creators, and visionaries to celebrate the epic journey of Virtual Reality and explore the road ahead.

In a world where lines blur between reality and imagination, FNTECH was delighted to help showcase this extraordinary digital vision on the keynote stage. With three extra-large projection shapes made from more than 425 panels of 2.6 pitch Roe Black Diamond LED totaling a whopping 59,311,040 pixels, the larger than life imagery was a sight to behold. Pushing the graphics to these massive screens required 7 separate inputs from the E2, and 10 500-foot fiber runs. 120 speakers helped the audience feel completely immersed, while 1,764,000 watts of 120-volt power kept all the various engines silently humming.

As you can imagine, robust networking was crucial for hosting this VR event. With 254 access points, 500 hardline drops, 100,000 feet of fiber, and 12 terabytes of inbound/outbound data, our custom-designed network was rock solid.

On the design front, the bold brush strokes and pools of color created in virtual reality were both fluid and vibrant. Translating this VR design into tangible goods was a challenge FNTECH was happy to take on. Oculus wanted each piece of static art to feel as if it was in motion. We did this by carefully considering our materials, our print processes, and our lighting. The black backgrounds were pure, deep black across the board, which allowed the saturated colors to almost vibrate off each substrate. And with a plethora of Instagrammable moments, how each piece would photograph was also painstakingly thought-out and tested. After 4 rounds of color testing on various materials such as fabric, foam, vinyl decal, birch, gatorplast, stock, and plex—we were finally satisfied that the 2D prints looked equally cool as the VR imagery.

To further reinforce the look and feel of the event, FNTECH brought in more than 1,500 pieces of rental furniture and 2,000 live plants. We also produced more than 25,000 pieces of promotional items and giveaways.

Catering and housekeeping departments were equally challenged this year, with more than 16,000 fresh and tasty meals, 6 mini kitchens scattered around the convention center, and almost 7,000 gallons of coffee brewed fresh and hot each day.

Informative breakout sessions clipped along with 4 concurrent tracks, dozens of sessions, and 100+ speakers. The Carmack App Review was especially popular since it allowed developers a chance to connect their phones onstage for a live demo and review with the man himself.

Several fun evening events with tasty food, entertainment, free-flowing bars, and gaming galore helped attendees connect both in-person and in VR.

On the logistics front, we supported some pretty impressive numbers as well. With mostly 53’ semi-trucks delivering 25,000 to 30,000 pounds of freight each, you can imagine how much equipment we had with 182 inbound trucks. To make our outbound strike happen as quickly as possible, we stored 14 of the empty trailers onsite and put the remaining bulk in our adjacent marshaling yard.

All in all, the OC6 event was nothing short of a spectacular fusion of people, education, and virtual reality. What’s happening next year? We don’t know, but we’re going to bet it involves a bad-ass headset!