Event name: Open Compute Project Regional Summit

Event Dates: April 19-20, 2022


Held in picturesque Prague, Czech Republic, the 2023 OCP Regional Summit brought together nearly 600 industry leaders, researchers, and pioneers from the open-source community.

Easy to get to and set near the main artery road through central Prague, the Prague Congress Centre was the perfect location to engage in dynamic dialogues, enlightening workshops, and interactive engineering sessions designed to expand the understanding of the OCP project progress and the challenges ahead.

Participants explored emerging trends, tackled complex challenges, and discovered new opportunities to drive global innovation. Through this collaborative spirit, OCP aims to accelerate the development of efficient, scalable, and sustainable open compute solutions that power the future of technology.

By the Numbers:

The Summit boasted 34 booth sponsors who showcased their latest hardware and emerging services in an exciting Expo Hall built by FNTECH. With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the sprawling city below and loads of international power needs, this was no small task. There were also 41 different countries represented at the event and 234 cutting-edge tech companies in attendance. Dozens of breakout sessions with over a hundred speakers presented the trends, insights, and product announcements.

As OCP recently announced, their 2024 regional event will be in another European location and we’re thrilled to partner with them once again!