Event name: OpenInfra Summit + PTG Vancouver 2023

Event Dates: June 13-15, 2023


When our long-term partner, the OpenInfra Foundation (formerly OpenStack Foundation), said they wanted to return to our favorite city in Canada, Vancouver, we were all in!

The OpenInfra Summit allows industry vets and newbies alike to collaborate directly with the people building and running open source infrastructure using Linux, OpenStack, Kubernetes, and 30+ other technologies.

The Project Teams Gathering (PTG) provides meeting facilities allowing the various technical community groups working on open infrastructure projects to meet virtually, exchange and get work done in a productive, low-key setting. It lets those groups discuss their priorities for the upcoming months, assign work items, iterate quickly on solutions for complex problems, and progress quickly on critical issues. The co-location of those various meetings, combined with the dynamic scheduling of the event, makes it easy to get specific people in the same room to discuss a specific topic or participate in multiple team meetings.

Together, these two content-rich programs make for one dynamic event industry insiders never want to miss! From the fast-paced keynote sessions to the scores of breakout tracks to the always-bustling Marketplace, the Summit has something for everyone. A centrally-located registration counter that processed attendee credentials in record time. The Marketplace Mixer was a perfect way to meet, greet, and eat with peers while networking with new friends.

Situated next to the busiest port in British Columbia, you’d think making the space feel owned by OpenInfra would be challenging; however, with the help of the pros at the Vancouver Convention Centre, FNTECH was able to brand each space to feel connected, welcoming, and inclusive.

FNTECH recorded all sessions from the global network of developers, operators, and supporting organizations, and they were posted within hours of the event.

If the third time is the charm—going to Vancouver, that is—then we can’t wait to see what happens if/when they return!